Our Company

Allcan Label fulfills all your labeling needs through reliable service, quality products, and good prices.

We began our journey in 1997 to manufacture stencils and quickly expanded into labels. We have grown since then and are proud to have over 20 years of experience. Our company has served many businesses in different industries. Our products are used by manufacturers, government institutions, supermarkets, food and beverage industry, couriers, hospitals, automotive businesses, logistic/distribution centers, and so many more.

At Allcan Label, we offer a wide selection of products and are able to customize labels for customer satisfaction.

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Our focus is on customer satisfaction.

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We care about our people and provide a safe and fair working environment, which is why our team has been with us for years.

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We take pride in building relationships, which is why our long term customers always request repeat orders from us.

Why Choose Us?

good pricing

We are competitively priced. We offer great value thanks to our exceptional productivity resulted from our skilled employees, well selected equipment, and efficient production process.

responsive and friendly staff

We are responsive. Our knowledgeable staff will answer your questions quickly to help you decide on the best labelling solution. We are dedicated in helping our customers to build lasting relationships.

quick turnaround and fast delivery

We have quick turnaround times. When you order from Allcan Label, you will receive your products quickly. We are able to achieve this because of the dedication of our employees.

We meet high industry standards. We are one of the fewer CSA accepted and UL approved label manufacturers in Toronto.