Thermal Ribbons

Thermal ribbons

Thermal transfer ribbons are used in the thermal transfer printing process and are a polyester film that transfer an ink layer onto the label due to the heat from the thermal printer. Allcan Labels supplies ribbons for most printers, such as Zebra, Toshiba TEC, Sato, Datamax Fargo, Intermec, Monarch, and more. We understand the importance of high quality printing and distribute only high quality ribbons produced by major brand companies.

Sizes for the ribbons range from 2 inches to 8.5 inches in width and come in wax, wax/ resin, and resin ribbons

                                      • Wax- used on paper labels and tags
                                      • Wax/ resin- used on synthetic stock
                                      • Resin- used on glossy synthetic labels and tags